Tuesday, July 28, 2020

Pandemic pets - meet Marshmallow and Hermione

We got guinea pigs. I never had or wanted pets and somehow one thing led to another and now we are the proud owners of two cutie-pie guinea pigs. We went from idea to adoption in just three days. Their quietly curious personalities provide so much delight and comfort for all of us that I think they are therapy animals!

Here are S1, S2 and my caricatures of them.

Sketched by the gullible one who never wanted pets but now fell in love with them anyway.

This cartoonist is the primary caregiver, you should see the excitement on the guinea pigs' voices when she feeds them

She never wanted pets and she said they would stink and poop and be a royal pain.
Now that the pets are here, she is delighted and loves to carry and pet them

We are experiencing the totally unconditional love these pets have for us. Well...not entirely unconditional, I guess. Feeding time generates the most undying affection as does petting time. In a pandemic world full of emotional and unpredictable humans and moments, these pets are giving us much needed, non-judgmental cuddle time!

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