Wednesday, October 9, 2013

When did super heroes enter your life?

Am referring to imaginary super heroes here, not your real life knight in shining armor or even our Indian Chuck Norris, the cultural icon, superstar thalaiva, Rajnikant.

This man checks his Facebook account daily...on a typewriter
My sordid love affair with super heroes began when I started reading torn, tattered, well thumbed (and eaten on) copies of Mandrake the magician comics borrowed from the local Easwari Lending Library in Chennai. I think I was 8 or 9 years old then.

Then onwards, I devoured the typical Superman, Spiderman and Batman series and pretty much anything from Marvel comics because my (cousin) brother would borrow them from the library and leave them around the house. I don't think I would've chosen them myself but I loved reading them anyway.

Confession - I credit my relationship with super heroes to my speed of eating. I eat SO slowly, even today, that I need some other form of entertainment during lunch and dinner time. I was never a big TV fan. Therefore: Enter, comics. 

Since then, I moved onto reading graphic novels like the Watchmen and not really much else in the super hero genre. I branched out to reading other comics, which I love. That's for another blog post, though.

The husband is a hardcore, much bigger fan of Marvel and DC comics and heroes such as the Green Lantern, the Fantastic Four, Teen Titans and the like. I gifted the Wolverine for A's birthday recently. We had watched the movie recently and I was curious about that graphic novel. What a win-win gift, I say! Pssst! Can't wait to read it soon.

Precious' current real-life super hero is Blankie. And guess what? Blankie just got a promotion. Little S recently showed us that she's been bitten by the imaginary super hero gene too. She has started her relationship with super heroes pretty early, I must say.


Precious' first super hero 
Thank you, Dg, for gifting this amazingly perfect toddler board book that launches 
Super Blankie -

 Little S now runs all around the house wearing Blankie as a cape and screaming (or whispering furtively, depending on her mood),
Super Blankie!!!

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