Thursday, June 20, 2013

3 children's books you can think of in 30 seconds

I grew up loving books. I attribute most of that love to my older sister, who was an obsessive bookworm. Much like me, she chose the imaginative, creative, fantasy world of books over concrete, boring, mundane reality. 

Reading non-work books became a challenge when I was working like a maniac at my corporate job. Surprisingly, I revived the reading habit when I became a mom, thanks to my iPhone and the Kindle and most importantly - NURSING! Yes, I spent several days and nights in my rocking chair with a newborn on one lap and my iPhone on the other. 
Of course, A, in his factual style, will dispute this and say that all I was doing was increasing our bill since I had the fabulous app, had Prime delivery and was constantly buying 'pointless' stuff. All I can say is that one-thumb-activated retail therapy is a sure fire way to prevent post-partum depression and therefore maintains marital harmony. HA!

These days, a lot of my friends and I talk about which children's books we should buy...and the list is endless. I'm not sure whether my daughter or I enjoy them more but I was wondering which kiddie books were your childhood/ your kids' faves. Oh - and don't think for too long, just give this 30 seconds.

Let me start off by listing S's top 3:
1. The very hungry caterpillar by Eric Carle
2. Red hat blue hat by Sandra Boynton
3. The little red caboose from Little Golden books - this is her new favorite, thanks to kutti M's recent visit

Tell me, I'm curious:
What are your/ your kid(s)' top 3 children's books?


  1. 1) Does a kangaroo have a mother too - Eric Carle
    2) Brown bear what do you see - Eric Carle
    3) The very Busy Spider - Eric Carle
    Another new fav right now: Dora Adventures!

  2. Nice! you know, when I think of my childhood I can't remember any specific books except this big fat bedtime tales book. At least I get to enjoy S's books now :)

  3. Harold and the purple crayon
    Pat the bunny (kinda outdated. But you get to pat a bunny.)
    Moo ba La La La (or anything else by s. Boynton)

  4. noddy was a fav when A was young,as were the little steam engine-bob i think it was,and a lot of russian story books-the bath tub that was called wash-em-clean!!,the bear stories et al.A loved one of fish types-he could name all types with just one look !

    1. I was really curious about the Russian books, especially the wash-em-clean one and looked it up on amazon - it's available only from other sellers for around $100!! A had expensive taste even that young, eh? ;)

  5. Chicka Chicka Boom Boom
    Dr.Seuss's ABC
    Is your mama a Llama (actually, any Llama book)

  6. hi deepa- nice to see your blog..!

    just found the time to read this, my list would have all the Lady Bird early readers . 'The enormous turnip' 'The magic porridge pot' etc etc..! they hv helped immensely in building early reading habit in my son.. I hv also realized that there is a huge difference in what interests the boys and the girls, my girl loves all books where there are loads of details - the one where there are too many fairies (forgot the name), the busy airport etc , while with my boy the story has to have 'vehicles' , 'dinosaurs' or 'big bad wolf'..!!

    ...BTW, ''ice' here..!

    1. Hey hey ice! Are you using your pseudonym cos the world wide web is out to get you? Smart girl ;)
      Thanks for the super cool list di - will check those out, we own NONE of those books. And good insight about the boys versus girls thing. Interesting

  7. A little late to this one but here's our list (ever-changing, but these are current favs)!
    1. Mama, Where are you? - Diane Muldrow
    2. Heads - Matthew Van Fleet
    3. Giggle-Wiggle Wake Up - Nancy White Carlstrom