Thursday, December 19, 2013

You're Invited to the Naming Ceremony!

No, you gullible reader, this is not my second baby. This image was sourced from the internet
My husband A and I have two kids I've recently started calling S1 and S2 on this blog.

S1 and S2 have names in the real world - thank goodness the hospitals in the U.S. require names before discharging babies...otherwise A and I would probably still have placeholder numbers for these two tots of ours. 

However, calling the kids S1 and S2 make them sound like a whole bunch of things but NOT like baby names. More like
- Secret strategic missiles from Iran
- Two versions of an anti-virus software
- Apple operating system upgrades Oh!S1 and Oh!S2
- Adjacent seats on an airplane owned by Mr.S
- Robotic Mr.S's two platinum baby bots
- The heart sounds lub and dub. Lub is S1 and Dub is S2. No, really. I didn't make this one up. I googled it. It's medical terminology and all

Instead, a name that says SOMETHING about their personalities, hints at their real names, sounds divinely baby-ish are all great themes for new names on the blog.

Therefore, I NEED NEW BLOG-NAMES FOR MY TWO GIRLS. The search is on.

You know, like
Raindrops and Roses
Precious older S is full of spark, spunk and personality like a multidimensional raindrop while little S is still a dainty petite little Rose
However, this sounds a little corny at many levels. Pretty, though. I'm torn.

Seashells and Sunshine
Nice alliterative confusing tongue twisters, eh? Just to mess with your head

Lub and Dub
All in the spirit of sticking with Medicine 

Cho cute I say...all because I love Willy Wonka and his imagination

Thing 1 and Thing 2
As my aunt said, factual and objective names clearly indicating which baby is being talked about

Naming babies in the real world is seeming easier than naming em in the virtual world, eh?

Any suggestions out there? Don't be shy to speak up. After S1 and S2, ANYTHING will burst of creative thinking.

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