Tuesday, April 23, 2013

You're invited

to HAHAHA's first birthday! Yup - can you believe it and time flies and etcetc. but can you just believe it? She's going to be a grand ONE year old and we're celebrating in style this weekend. Come, one and all. Wish her, bless her and eat some cake.
Now talking about cake - I've never really baked a cake. Done the baking cookies, muffins, different types of breads, brownies and all that stuff but somehow, never really baked a cake. Maybe because a cake is too large for 1-2 people to gobble up. (Who am I kidding, right? With the right cake and the right person...;) ) 
Anyway - my news is that I am planning to bake a really large cake for 30-odd guests who are going to show up at my place this weekend. Now THEY don't know that they are going to be the honored guinea pigs. Eeeyahahahahha (evil grin and under-the-table-snigger comin right up)
My guess is that all the kids at the party will be so darn cute that the adults will be fully distracted and won't really observe fine details of whatever they're wolfing down. Very different audience from discerning, hungry Top-Chef kinda judges. So there you go - a fine opportunity for an amateur bakest (the word baker sounds like it lacks the confidence to be a superlative bakest) to unleash her inner talents, don't you think?
Chicago is known for some really great birthday cakes you get at the bakeries. I almost placed an order for The Very Hungry Caterpillar cake because it's my Precious' favorite-est book. BUT- hang on- this was before the sweet lady on the other side of the phone told me it was going to cost around 250$. Really? That many dollars for a cake? So I decided that I'm going to bake a cake every year and keep aside 250 bucks for my daughter's 'mommy-ditched-my-cake-fund'. That'll probably cover quite a bit of college tuition, don't you think, huh?!
This blog post was supposed to be an invitation to all - so please come to the party....have fun, dance to the music and hey - break a leg...or in this case...break an egg, everyone!
Update: I did end up baking a huge cake which, thankfully, tasted pretty good! Hurrah!

Tell me, I'm curious:
What's your go-to cake recipe?

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