Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Lanky's blankie

Precious has been getting taller and taller. Lanky monkey. She's definitely got that from her dad, I like to think of myself as the petite, dainty types (whenever I'm not the tall, towering pillar of inner iron strength, of course).

Well anyway, the update these days is that she's fallen head over heels in love. You know that mother-baby bonding look in babies' eyes? That's the look she gets when she sees her white fluffy blanket. Gah! It's a square piece of soft cloth, a little larger than a standard sofa cushion. But oh my, the little one carries it all over town and refuses to part with it. She cannot bear to be away from Blankie for more than five minutes. Pull it away from her and be prepared for a siren-like never ending wail that's sure to alert child-care and foster home authorities. Of course, since the day Blankie became an extension of herself, S has dragged the poor ragged cloth over spilt milk, bread crumbs, sticky melted cheese on the floor, spit-up and water. Thankfully, nothing worse yet. As far as I know.

All these adventures meant that Blankie needed to be washed really often. And achieving this required some Hercule Poirot- level sleuthing. Once S was asleep and definitely in her deep sleep cycle (body movement faithfully monitored via infrared-night vision-equipped-baby video monitor), dear husband A tiptoed into her room, gently picked up Blankie when S was NOT sleeping on it, and quickly put it in the washer and dryer. Around midnight, A took the clean fluffy Blankie and gently placed it back beside S.

Sick of all the unpaid detective work, I wanted to buy a duplicate Blankie but simply couldn't find one on Amazon (who always has anything anyone needs). After much online research, I found that Blankie was officially known in the sales world as Macy's First Impressions Baby Boy or Girl Swirl Boa Blanket.

I finally bought a duplicate Blankie last week and am happy to report that our family has temporarily stopped monitoring S's light, deep and REM sleep cycle patterns. Huzzah!

Tell me, I'm curious:
Did you have an attachment object growing up? Have you...err..outgrown it yet?

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