Thursday, July 11, 2013

A Chinese-American wedding

Our friends D&B's wedding was held at the Rockefeller Chapel in the University of Chicago campus area. There is something about churches that make me feel calm and serene- maybe it's the high ceilings... Maybe it's the earthy colors. 

This is the chapel
I need a new camera. This pic doesn't do it justice
When A, S and I got there ten minutes late for a 4 PM wedding, we panicked, displayed a fine show of hysterics and I felt a tiny bit guilty for spending five extra minutes at home painting my toenails a different color at the last minute. Hey-toenails ARE important! Come on- it is summer. A gave me a fine lecture about how this isn't an Indian wedding and how we need to be more on time and how no one cares about my silly toe nails and blah blah yadda yadda...Men. BAH!

As we climbed... no, clambered up the stairs to enter the chapel, the kind photographers told us "you're fine, they aren't here yet" and we slowed down. Whew! 

This is what we sat behind

 And this is what was behind us

At this point, S, of course, started asking for milk. She is 14 months old. So she does NOT tap me on the arm and politely ask "Amma, may I have a spot of milk, if you please?". Instead, she launched into full-on 'WTF is wrong with you, my incompetent parent-nincompoops?! Can't you SEE that I need milk? And I need milk NOW' type behavior. She started yelling "PAI! PAI!", which is what she calls paal- the Tamil word for milk. To her credit, she wasn't really screaming, just saying. But in a deadly-quiet church where you could hear a mosquito fart, a 14-month old sounds like a friggin banshee. 

This is when all heads turned towards us. Most people smiled with "aww! she is so cute" expressions. I smiled in response and woman-handled (is that a word?) my toddler out. 

Glorious freedom

S spent most of the remainder plucking flowers and yanking out grass. 

Oh and chasing shadows

Spot the toddler trying to wriggle free from the mom's deadly grasp.

 A bus passed by and S started to run towards it waving Hi and blowing kisses. 

All's well that ends well. D&B were officially married, exchanged vows and crap! I totally missed the "you may now kiss the bride" part. THE PRICE OF PARENTHOOD, people. 

Hope you can't see their faces cos I'm trying to protect their privacy
The stunning couple walked past us towards their limo and we showered flowers on them. Almost Indian, I must say. Not the limo part, the flowers part. The entire ceremony (whatever I saw with A's comments peppered in) was more contemporary American than traditional Chinese and was elegant, graceful and very touching. 

CONGRATULATIONS, you two, and see you around.

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