Thursday, July 11, 2013

Tall Twigas are scaling our walls

We finally have an adorable nursery

This is a picture of half of S's nursery wall. The second half, to the right of what you see, has another tall giraffe. Or Twiga (pronounced tweega), which is the word for the animal in Swahili. 

I love that word. Reminds me of twiggy... which is kind of how giraffes are. Graceful, sure...but awfully tall and lanky as they tower above the shorties around them. Sort of awkward, wise and geeky. 

Is there a word for words that conjure up images of the object they describe? You know...something like onomatopoeic for something that sounds like it is said.

No, I'm unfortunately not learning Swahili, though it is on my bucket list. My friend P is staying with us for a few days this week. She was in Tanzania last year and told me the Swahili names of some animals. Tembo = elephant. Sounds like the word for strength in Tamil, thembu. And who would have guessed?! Simba = lion. Sounds like simha, the Sanskrit (and multiple other Indian languages) word for Lion. 

Big thanks to S and J, the couple who gave us these cool wall art stickers. You guys have fabulous taste. We finally have a nursery rather than 'the room where the crib is'. 

Precious loves the giraffes.  Also, she has progressed from waking up and excitedly pointing, waving and calling out PUPPY! to now yelling GUH! GUH! at the giraffes. Cutie pie.

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