Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Bumbling into Books - 4 - Preparing for New Babies

This is a draft post I wrote a month ago:

Here are the highly contextual books 18 month old S (and I, by default) are reading this month. I'm too superstitious to announce that I'm very VERY big and pregnant as I write this - am 37 weeks along. 

So my brilliant plan is to write all this, save drafts and publish them as a distraction while I'm screaming through labor in the hospital. Eeyahahahhaa! (not)

Of course, am super tense about how Precious S takes the whole thing. It's amazing how this time around my only concern seems to be S and not my own labor or delivery. Motherhood is so weird and all bloody sacrificial, I say!

In my usual "let's prepare till we drop" style, I borrowed a ton of "prepare your baby for the new baby" books from the library and am reading them to S.

Not sure how much she really understands but she sure loves these books. These are rank ordered from her most favorite to least favorite:

S loves all the 'new' animals and their little ones snuggled close to their mamas: 
Armadillo, coyote, raccoon, platypus and puggles, kangaroo and joey
UPDATE: I really do want to thank Mama's Milk. The day baby #2 was born, S came to the hospital and saw me nursing and said "amma feeding baby" and did NOT get jealous or freak out. I think...thanks to this book

Cute illustrations. Simple story. 
S enjoys seeing an image of the mom nursing the new baby while the oblivious dad sleeps soundly beside them. 

Front Cover
Once he learns to play with her, the little monster quickly accepts the new baby in the house. 
S was a little disappointed there was no Cookie Monster in the book. 
No thanks to you, Elmo, for setting up these expectations!

Akka book
Personally, I didn't like this one too much. S loved seeing the older sister i.e. the akka carrying a baby, though

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