Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Have a Heat-y New Year

Something's been the matter with the HVAC ie the heater in our home. 

We own a condominium in which the heating unit and controls are in our own home. Which means that when we need to switch from AC to heat sometime in September-October, we do it ourselves, we don't wait for the 'building management' to make the switch on our behalf. Which is what people in many rental apartments have to do. 

The upside to this system is that you are your own boss, A and I decide what temperature we want, when. Be it snow or sunshine. 

The downside to this lovely independence is that when the heater decides to die on you at 9:30pm on New Year's Eve, just after your last party guest leaves (yes with a newborn and a toddler, we were pretty lame and yawning and bleary eyed at 9pm for our impromptu get-together. But hey- the party started at 2pm with our first guest showing up to our very cool 'open house party', in which we asked folks to swing by whenever they wanted to, through the afternoon and evening. We ordered heavy snacks and friends took turns holding the baby and playing with the toddler. It was fantastic!!!)

Back to the heater issue. Everyone left and suddenly the temperature at home dropped from 72F to 64F in a matter of ten minutes. The engineer-educated husband A tinkered around with the heater and gloomily announced that she (should I call a machine a he?) was not working.

We needed a repairman on the night of New Year's Eve, when there was a raging snowstorm and a ridiculous traffic jam outside. Crap. 

The chances of getting one were slim. Which meant that we probably needed to wake the kids, pack up and move to our friends P&D's place for the night. Wake sleeping kids. Shudder. Because our freezing home would only get colder, considering it was 18F or, in sensible language, a crazy MINUS 12C! 

Well the short version of the story is that A did manage to find someone to come... turns out a broken heater is an emergency situation in the developed world and there are heat companies working round the clock for this precise panicky reason. 

Best part of all- my bedroom was always on the colder side.. And right now, as I type this at 3AM on the first of January 2014, I am happy to report that my room is FINALLY toasty as hell. 

Just the way a true blooded Madrasi chick likes it. We are warm blooded mammals, people! Let's strive for heath over coolth, always!

This does not mean I will stop stealing the better half of the quilt from A, mind it. 

In this new year 2014 I resolve to NEVER take the power of the home heater for granted. I promise to NEVER verbally abuse this machine ever. However noisy and loud it is. (Sounds like a friggin truck) Howmuchever space it takes up in my home. (It is the size of a small closet)

This does mean that I am thrilled at this moment and rejoicing the warm start to this fabulous year ahead.

From our family of four to your cosy family, HAPPY NEW YEAR and stay warm, cool, cold, tepid, lukewarm...whatever temperature gives you your kicks!!!

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