Sunday, January 26, 2014

30 things I can do in my 30s

I can
1. Talk about my weaknesses without being ashamed of them
2. Call myself a mother
3. Quit a job I love to spend more time with my family
4. Make sleep the #1 priority for my family in 2014 and feel good about it
5. Love to bits two little people who never existed two years ago
6. Kiss my husband in public and not feel self-conscious
7. Embrace my wavy-curly-messy hair and feel perfectly fine that it's not poker straight
8. Love my skin for the flawed, imperfect little bumps and bruises it is 
9. Feel amazingly proud that I had two drug-free, pain-filled intense births that I joyfully experienced
10. Analyse people I meet into MBTI and Keirsey temperament and personality types 
11. Savor drinking my chai for a full ten minutes without multitasking 
12. Wonder how the heck my parents sailed through and are sailing through parenthood so easily
13. Listen to people without judgement 
14. Listen to people without interrupting them 
15. Listen to people without needing to add my opinion 
16. Talk softly (ok, compared to before)
17. Drive a big fat black car in the US
18. Drive with a screaming toddler behind me and stay calm
19. Cook an authentic Mangalorian meal
20. Cook an authentic Tam Brahmin meal
21. Bake bread
22. Bake a veggie dish
23. Thank my parents instead of taking them for granted
24. Say 'I love you' to the ones I love instead of feeling all awkward about saying them and thinking "Isn't this implied? Why should I say these words aloud?"
25. Be my own boss 
26. Make big eyes at myself in the mirror because I found my first grey hair
27. Accept that my husband prefers playing a world conquest game to sharing his thoughts, feelings and emotions with me on a Sunday evening
28. Realize that I kind of knew nothing in my twenties
29. Accept that I still kind of know nothing HAHAHHA
30. Maintain a blog and feverishly update it right after returning home from giving birth as though it is the most important thing in the world 

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