Thursday, February 13, 2014

When Your Husband Brings Home a Second Wife

My husband is a golden egg. This blog post is not about him. 

Can you imagine how a woman feels when her husband brings home his second wife?

In my humble mom-pinion (hey I coined a term!) this is exactly how baby #2 felt when we brought home baby #1.

To be precise, she was cutesy and all excited to see her dearest mommy and a new tiny baby when she visited us at the hospital. 

When we came home from the hospital, she was thrilled to have dad home 24x7. 

A couple weeks later though, she suddenly realized that this baby was here to stay, it wasn't merely visiting. 

So now think about how you would feel if your husband brought home another wife and said  "i love you so much, I decided to bring home another person just like you!" OUCH!!!

Wouldn't you want to banish the new wife away to some far away land full of thorns and cactii and black ice and no sunshine?

Well, that's sort of what my older one seems to want these days. We have extreme emotions that are displayed on demand. She switches from shrieks of delight at the baby's coos and gurgles to screams of anger and pure jealousy when her dad or I carry the baby.

This image is from the internet. My daughter wants to do this but did not
Of course in this case my first daughter is torn between hugging and kissing the little baby versus throwing an instant tantrum because mom is spending too much time with the little one.

When I carry the baby...or kutti paapa, my older one, ORDERS me in her most commandeering tone:
Kutti paapa (in the) bassinet 
Kutti paapa (in the) mamaroo 
No kutti paapa 
No kutti paapa holding 

I'm trying to spend more time with my older one, so she doesn't feel completely displaced by the new baby. It's hard on her. I can't wait for when the girls start playing with each other and I can read a whole darn book in one sitting.

Just 18 more years....I can do this!

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