Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Meet Michaelangela, Vani Goghi and Reenuaar

These names are all potential pseudonyms for my little-baby-turned-budding-artist. 

Big S started art classes this January. The irrepressibly proud parents that A and I are, we can't help feeling that our first-born is blossoming to be a fine artist. Or at least has a fine love for the art, which is what really matters.

Our second-born turned 3 months old last week and of course, I can already hear her gurgle 'art' and 'Picasso' everyday. Mind it.

Talk about eating one's 'art' out, I'm pretty confident that Michaelangelo, Van Gogh and Renoir also ate their crayons as a strategic move towards blossoming.

Here is a collection of my dear daughter's first encounters with artwork and art materials. Chalk, paint, crayons, sketch pens, pasta. To the untrained eye, these are nothing more than scribbles. To me, this is precious fine art that I will treasure forever in my own private museum. 

Check out the artist at work 

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