Saturday, June 20, 2015

Happy Daddy Day, y'all

Flowers from egg-cartons

Dearest A appa,

I made this surprise gift for you and because I was so excited about it, told you to keep it a secret yesterday itself.  Shhhhhh!!!! Don't tell yourself anything about it till it's Father's Day, ok?  but it's ok because I love you everyday. When you came home from California yesterday I was SO excited, I sent you this message from amma's phone:

Thank you for taking me to Trader Joe's and Walgreens when I ask you, for doing thooki for me when I feel bad about something, for pushing my swing high up in the park, for holding me tightly when an ambulance siren goes by, for taking me in a big plane to bombay to see all my thatha-paatis, for kissing my oww-ies when I get hurt.

You are the best. Now thooki me so I can hug and kiss you, my dear A appa!

Dearest A appa,

I missed you so much everyday last week. Amma kept telling me you were in California but I knew you would come back. Everytime someone knocked on the door, I said "appa!" and ran to try and open the door. You came back yesterday and now I feel so happy with my fa-fa-mi-mi-ly-ly, as Hannah akka says. Because you are our fa-fa.
Whenever I climb a chair or a table or everything that's remotely climb-able, I hear your voice asking me to be careful, to get down slowly.
Please carry me all day and take me to restaurants that have delicious mum-mum and give me yummy paal in my bottle and read me all those amazing Dr.Seuss stories in your dramatic voice before thaachi time.

I love you and I want you to change my diaper now cos I just did my poopie again. Then amma and you, stop wasting time and take us both to the park so we can enjoy the summer outdoors, please! Here are our shoes...

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