Saturday, June 20, 2015

Sniff! Our First Home is on the Market

A and I became home owners in 2011. We thought there were three reasons to buy a place we could call our very own.

1. We were expecting our first child to arrive in April 2012. So...parents need to own homes, right?
2. We were both going to turn 30 soon and felt like owning a place was one of the things 30-somethings generally did
3. The market was good for buyers since it hadn't bounced entirely back since the 2008 recession

Now we are looking to sell our first place and I feel a bit sentimental about it. This is the home we had both our kids, their birthdays, their first steps and first words,  A and I had so many first fights, so many first kiss-and-make-ups, so many extended family and friends' reunions.

News is - we are moving to the Bay Area soon. A moved last week but I'm still working in Chicago and stayed back with the kids. I am not a winter person at all and LOVE the idea of moving to the Bay Area so feeling very positive about the impending change.

At the same time, I want to keep the images and memories of our first home together etched in my brain and heart forever.

Good news is, we have a potential buyer and are already under contract. Fingers crossed that all goes well. (A and I are desperately trying to prevent the kids from marking all the walls or making puddles of you-know-what on the carpets :-))))

Pictures! Oh and we are living clutter-free these days. No, we haven't packed away our things yet, we just live clutter free and it feels so great.!

View of our Lincoln Park building from the bus stop right across
Our living room...where the kids scribble all over with (washable) markers

Living, book-nook in left corner and dining room. Dining tables = memorable conversations
Kitchen. So many onions, garlic and coriander...

A and I's bedroom.Where the kids climb into bed with us.

Master bath

Nursery...for story time, playtime and sister pillow-fights

Kids' bath. Rubber duckies and ugh! potty training memories.

Sears or Willis tower

We will all miss you, dear home. Thank you for being strong, sturdy and absorbing all our emotions through these intense years.

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