Monday, July 13, 2015

Bumbling into Brunch in the Bay Area

Our first day in California and what better way to start our new lives than a scrumptious brunch with our dear friends? 

We visited Bumble in Los Altos, a brunch place that feels like a win-win for parents with young kids. The kids play in a fun, clean sand lot and parents chill and eat outdoors.

Isn't this such a happy color?!

The name is the best part, though. How can you NOT walk in to a place named Bumble? Adorable.

The world is a sandlot.

Spot my kids, lost in sand.

For little brunch-ers

Can't go wrong with white walls and ceiling and dark wood

For those who want to run away from kids

True indeed. Life in a hot air balloon might make u sick, though. But life AS a hot air that sounds great

Free diapers, y'all! They have forgetful parents covered

Mmmmmm! Green juice! My husband A's fave kind

Mmmmm....crunchy granola with sweet yogurt. Everyone's fave in my home

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