Thursday, July 9, 2015

Today was moving day

A new chapter in our lives begins tomorrow. Transition is exciting and nerve inducing. Will this be a better future? Will we grow our potential? Will our children like California better than they did Chicago? It probably makes no sense to compare but I know we will, especially as we settle into our new lives.

Today was packing and moving day. It felt harsh to say bye to our lovely home, the place we called our very own, the place where we had both our babies, the place in which we celebrated our wins and losses. Promotions, new jobs, a new book. Welcomed new friends and laughed with good old ones. Used white noise machines and cool mist humidifiers. The home in which we had the worst sleepless nights ever, waking up and caring for crying infants. The home where we had bitter fights and sweet make-up kisses. The home we proudly showed our parents as our very own. "See, mom and dad, your little kid has grown up to own her and his own place!"

Though in life, do we really ever own anything? Do things own us or do we own them? Is it better to own or better to let go? Is ownership just an illusion of security? Is it one step closer to feeling free? Or tied down?

Pictures of boxes and boxes... Thank you dear home and Chicago, for the sweet memories. 

Hereon, we look forward and surge forth to California!

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