Monday, May 23, 2016

Happiness is...a humble hammock

A and I collaborate well at times. I come up with random ideas for unimportant whimsical things and he executes them flawlessly, without complaint. To emphasize our love for lazy days spent chilling and reading uninterrupted, we bought two hammocks. We love them. They fit our first summer experience living in Northern California.

S1 and S2 love these hammocks. S1 gets lost in this indoor one for what seems like hours.

I work remotely and out of this hammock these days. (Dream come true. I have always wanted to work out of a hammock!)Tied between the apricot tree and the apple tree. It's strong enough to hold two adults so S2 and I had a blast last evening reading stories and giggling at the squirrels. 

So tell me, when are you visiting us?

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