Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Playing in the peaceful Pacific

It was my birthday last weekend and we spent a lovely weekend with my parents, A and the kids. It was bliss!

When they have to pick, people I know are usually either beach-lovers or mountain-lovers. Which one do you tend to be? I love both, I just need great weather and lots of opportunity to walk or run.

Living in California means we can get out to a ton of breathtakingly beautiful places that are just an hour's drive away. This time around, we went on a day trip to Venice Beach in Half moon Bay. Someone on the internets called it one of "America's most beautiful beaches."

 Cautious and loving appa (my dad) watching over the kids as they play in the Venice Beach creek

Settling on a safe perch by the water

S1 and S2 dig out sand and then throw it back in....for hours on end

This rocky cliff and creek are just ten steps from the Pacific Ocean
She and she collected seashells from the sea shore

Can you spot the ten steps? A takes S1 into the water

S1 loves the water. Who wouldn't?

Daddy and daughter run and play with the waves

What fun!

Uh oh...someone feels left out because she is a little scared of the Big Blue

But not for long, with dad in charge

"I'm just going to carry you so you can watch the waves."

Uh oh now the other one feels left out

Alright let's do this together


Let's do this Pacific Ocean thing forever and always
Adventure of the day for the kids: a dead crab on the beach

How can an ocean so majestic and huge be so peaceful? I always feel humbled and thankful when I see this ocean.

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