Friday, June 7, 2013

We now have a son

No, we did not adopt a baby. 

We had our home grown barber give S her third haircut last weekend. The husband and I were sick of taking S to the very famous Mini Snippets - a kids' haircut place - where she would proceed to unleash all her existential angst by bellowing her tiny lungs out. The chair, the mirror, strange people...and worst of all, the big black coat around her....she hated it all. At the end of the session, we always had two frustrated parents and one traumatised kiddo.

This time around, we decided to do it ourselves. Rather, I decided to cut her hair myself. Mommies do this all the time, right? I watched a bunch of videos on YouTube and felt like a pro.

A did have some doubts about this new venture:
Do you really think we should do this? We are total amateurs.
We might screw up her hair
She might freak out anyway

I confidently dismissed all doubts and said that the baby I carried in my womb for nine months would be most comfortable with her loving, caring mommy going snip snip, right?


We put S in her bathtub, I took the pair of scissors, snipped just a tiny bit and...FROZE. At that moment, I felt like I couldn't bring those sharp, dagger-like, extremely dangerous pair of scissors near my Precious little innocent baby's angelic cherubic face. Chicken.

Thankfully, the husband had some presence of mind, jumped in to save the day, grabbed the scissors and cut her hair quickly. She did wail but at least it was short, quick and we did not have to endure a crying baby in a car ride back home. Whew.

Thing is - random passers-by have been telling me how absolutely friendly and adorable my son is. :-)

Tell me, I'm curious:
Does this incident remind you of something crazy you've ever done? Or almost did? ;-)


  1. Deepa...!! only you can manage THAT correlation..!! :-)

    - Ice.

  2. Hehehe. Yeah. You're probably right. lol!