Friday, June 7, 2013

Daddy daddy cool

Everything is about appa these days. S turned one and around the same time, realized that life didn't need to only revolve around mom. She discovered this new person who walks in the door every Thursday night and creates a fun filled weekend for her. Now she can't stop asking me where appa is. She even looks at a picture of A and asks me enquiringly... "appa?" and runs to the phone everytime it rings, asking me "appa?" and runs to the door whenever there is a knock, asking guessed it! "appa?"

Everlasting daddy-daughter bonding has begun.

What's that? Am I a teeny-weeny bit jealous, you ask? I do all the hard work during the week and he saunters in to receive boundless love....Is this fair, you ask? Am I upset, you ask? Hmm....let me think about it.

Ha! Nope. YAHOO!!! Finally a break from 24x7 parenting and it's a win-win-win! :-D

Oh...and A dutifully changes the diaper whenever he is around and S will NOT have me change it when she knows her appa is around.

Double win.

Tell me, I'm curious:
Growing up, were there phases when you switched loyalties between your parents?

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