Friday, June 28, 2013

Why I refuse to give advice to Kate Middleton

Not like she came a-knocking at my door but still....IF she did, I've decided not to offer any advice. My reader stats show me that I have a bunch of readers from the UK who consistently read my blog every single day. How can I assume she's not reading? ;)

Oh ask why I won't be offering new-mom advice? 

Well, primarily because I'm going to be consistent and reliable and stick to what I said earlier.

Secondly, because of what these BBC folks so wisely said about 10 types of irritating advice for parents. Thanks, cousin A for sharing the article!

So keep smiling, Kate. You'll be great.

Oh...and ignore all those headlines that scream out "Will Kate Middleton breastfeed or not?". It's nobody's bleeping business. I swear, that's a big topic of debate in some circles in the UK. 
Ugh. Pregnancy is hard as is, people, without having the world stare at your royal bosom wondering whether it has milk or not. Get a life. Quick.

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