Thursday, August 1, 2013

Putting the minion to work

Evil grin! 

I always thought of Precious as this dependent little human being who would take up tons of my energy and, of course, dutifully provide bountiful joy. It is only of late that I've also included the word 'productive' in my vocabulary. 

Yes, dear all. It is possibly to put a one-year-old to work. Just to be clear, I'm not talking about any sort of evil, merciless child labour here. (err....I hope I'm right on this one). 

Precious S has taken to a bunch of kitchen utensils, tools and implements and is starry-eyed and fascinated by how they work. Most importantly, she loves the mortar and pestle and that I hand it over to her the minute we enter the kitchen in the morning. 

Till a couple of days ago, I obediently gave the stainless steel mortar and pestle to her, glad that she would be occupied. But....but....I've now started giving her little tasks to complete. Yesterday, she crushed a bunch of whole pepper corns for me. Today, she moved on to crushing and grinding pepper corns as well as ginger, with tons of big-girl pride.  

My little one is becoming USEFUL!!! This is brilliant and I finally now understand why my forefathers...fore-mothers I mean....had a zillion kids. More kids, more hands, more helpers, more work done around the house. This is brilliant. 

We have a sous-chef in the house, people. Who's coming over to dinner?

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