Monday, June 13, 2016

Strawbebby fields forever

The Beatles' single "Strawberry Fields Forever" has always struck me as weirdly beautiful. It is psychedelic music, with surrealistic and impressionist overtones. I feel like when I close my eyes and hear that song, nothing else really matters other than rainbows, happiness and childhood. 

Last Saturday, we visited strawberry fields. They were real. Something concrete that still inspired abstract associations in my head. Strawberries. British. Western world. Tart. Picnics. Rich picnics. Poor farmers in India...

Note to self: do something...anything to help farmers in India.

I wonder if farms in India marketed fruit and vegetable picking as a weekend activity for city-dwellers. I bet there would be takers. Maybe they already do this.

Growing up, strawberries were these elusive fruits that were expensive. Strawberry fields used to strike me as an indulgence. A vision that previously only appeared in my childhood imagination and fantasy.

It was surreal to look at and wander through these fields with my family.

Strawberry fields do go on forever...

This was a U-Pick field. First, we checked in at the hut.
Then, we read the rules of the strawberry picking game

Mom hard at work picking the tastiest strawberries

Dad is already a pro

S2 cautious and conscientious

A - a man with a mission

We went with close friends D,K and S - who are pros at this sort of thing

Look at that ripe juicy delicious goodness! Eating while picking is the best part.

The buds, blossom and raw fruits
"I have more strawbebbies than you"
"It's not strawbebby, it's st--raw---be---lll---y"

Little fingers pick great little fruits

The farm rotates the areas which are open for picking each day, to give the rest of the farm a break to refresh and produce tasty fruit.
Did you spot the typo? Yes, they get to me too. :)

Jam? Jelly? Milkshakes? Pie? What do we do? What a good problem to have.

S2 is a climber. Bales of hay are begging to be climbed

Strawbebby fields forever
 Now I'm off to go listen to the Beatles again. Have a wonderful summer! If you want to go Berry picking in the Bay Area, check this out.

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