Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Bumbling into Books - 2

Here are the top books 17 month old S (and I, by default) are reading this month:

The "Beep Beep" book
But WHY do I like this book?
1. Simple, fun rhymes
2. S points out all the vehicles along with their colors..."Boo truck, Ait van, Reg bus"
3. A sure fire way to a child's heart...err...anyone with a child's heart...I always love anthropomorphism in books...when buses talk and geese sing and clouds run
4. Fun first experiences with onomatopoeia with Beep, Swish, Swash, Swoosh, Zoom, Woeeee!
5. There is a host of vehicles that she doesn't see everyday on the streets - limousine, double-decker bus

THANK YOU, Sg, At and At Jr. for gifting this book to S...it's her fave this month!

The Yaama Yaama book
Thanks, AJ and 'anonymous' person from this post for the recommendation.
S loves the alliteration in the name of the book. I remember I used pronounce the L in Llama before I visited Peru. Now I only say "Yaama", the Spanish way, but not sure if that's right for an English book. 
The book teaches the reader to share his/her toys...not sure Precious understands that yet! She just loves the funny names for animals : Llama and Gnu

English-Tamil bilingual book from Tulika 
Thanks, AM, for this super cute book. This is one of S's bedtime storybooks. It's simple, easy to memorize, has ample repetition which toddlers love AND is a compact and lightweight paperback, so I've taken this with me for travel too. Looks like we in the U.S can also buy this and similar books online

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