Monday, October 14, 2013

The girl with the mustard tooth

A cup of mustard from my kitchen...
on a blankie that my talented mom knit
This is a sneak peek into the pre-quel for "The girl with the dragon tattoo"...NOT!

Our little Precious S has been talking non-stop for quite a few months now. She is curious, alert and responsive to new words with an irresistible magnetic...auditory?...attraction. 

One of the new words she loves is the Tamil word for mustard - Kadugu. Whenever she chews something or is sticking her finger into her mouth and we ask her what she has in her mouth, she responds in all earnestness, "Kadugu"

Two weeks ago she was drooling incessantly and kept saying that she had kadugu in her mouth. I thought it was her usual cute way or practicing her new vocabulary...

until one morning she woke up and opened her mouth and said Kadugu and lo and behold! Her seventh tooth had popped up overnight! Poor baby must have been in teething pain the previous few weeks and felt as though she had a bit of mustard in her tooth.

As her very over-excited mom who even counts peeing on the carpet as a unique milestone, I informed her with all the enthusiasm I could muster:

"YAY! You have a new pallu (tooth), kanna!"


"No, no, it's not kadugu, it's, look in the mirror!"


and thus was born our girl with the mustard tooth.

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