Sunday, October 27, 2013

How a 32-year old is learning swimming, singing and sleeping

Swimming, singing and sleeping. 

These are the 3 words Precious S is saying really often these days. And she is all about delicious action, not mere words. 

A takes S out swimming over weekends and she simply loves it. In fact she demands it every other day. She loves her special daddy-time, her neon pink polka-dot swimsuit (I swear, it's so bright, it's almost blinding), the feel of splashing water all around and most importantly- the act of kicking, which she does with 100% enthusiasm.
Spot the daddy-daughter duo.
Sigh! Don't you just love the blue-y blue of swimming pools?
I usually tag along, doing my own beach whale act in the corner. Thing is, I don't really know how to swim. I never learnt how to as a kid. I mean, I can survive swimming the breadth of a pool...but ask me to swim the length and my stomach turns into an octopus with knotted feet. 
Imagine these feet knotting up in my belly

Somehow my maternal instinct has kicked in for swimming too - I ask myself what I would do if S needed rescuing in the pool when she is swimming. 

What if she gets a leg cramp?
What if when she is a cute teenager, some shady boy tries to start a slimy conversation with her and I need to quickly rescue her in the deep end?
What if she wants her mom to be cool enough to go swimming with her and not be a random "Oh I'm too old for all this" type of traditional mom?

Anyway, while thinking those random positive thoughts, I realize I can't be left behind and need to catch up with my 18-month old daughter. The good thing is that I tag along and splash about in the pool, regaining confidence to 'swim'. 
Or at least look cool enough to not freak out and need rescuing in 3 feet of water. 

S has taken to singing these days and bursts into err...'song?' at every opportunity. Her expressions and intonations while she sings are absolutely priceless. She throws in all energy and effort into the most intense expressions I've ever seen. 

Eyebrows raised, head turned slightly upwards, she makes a perfect O with her mouth and sings 


I appreciate music in a naive, base instinct type of way but have no idea how to 'teach' her any sort of music. Not that an 18-month old needs to be strumming a guitar or listening to Bach all the time...but I would surely love to expose her to different types of musical fun. Bollywood, Carnatic music, Western classical, hip hop, basically anything that isn't just nursery rhyme. 

Thus, am expanding my horizons in search of pure music. 

I know, I know. I probably shouldn't be pulling S into my bed when she wakes up at 4am. Especially because we end up in this fun 6am position with her bottom smothering my face. 
Inspirational pictures from this blog
I'm learning to sleep in spurts these days, because we are in the start of Fall season = Flu season and S invariably wakes up at random hours of the night demanding mommy. After a few exhausting and unproductive days, I ditched my habit of going to sleep at a consistent time everyday and just started sleeping whenever the urge hits. 

The luxury of working on my own terms. aaahhhh!

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