Sunday, October 27, 2013

10 Reasons to Celebrate Diwali on Halloween

1. When others zig, you zag. Just feels cool to not do what everyone else is doing

2. You have zero pressure to buy a costume for your 18-month old who doesn't really understand what Halloween is all about anyway

3. You go to the temple to get the Diwali feeling. 
You beat the Hindu temple god-viewing lines and get to the idols 4 times faster than you would on the actual Diwali weekend

4. You beat the crazy Hindu temple yummy food-eating lines and feed the hunger pangs 4 times faster than you would on the actual Diwali weekend

5. Because of the multiplier effect of combining #3 and #4,  you feed your toddler when she is hungry and not when she is beyond hungry and you are beyond hungry and you want to pull your eyelids out. 
Or your spouse's eyelids. 

6. When everyone is out at a Halloween party or trick-a-treating, you hit the kiddie pool at the local gym and get the GLORIOUS BLUE-Y POOL all to yourselves for an hour. You are instantly transported to Hollywood star status.
(psst! and you know no one has peed in the pool that day because no one has really been in it.) 
Yes, this is one of my not-so-fun regular paranoias. Sorry. Had to share.

7. You get to take lots of pictures of kiddo and family in traditional garb in a non-crowded temple without some random old uncle's face somehow always creeping into your photo

8. You get your parents to experience a slice of India in the U.S. so they can talk about it to their friends back home.
The temples in the U.S. are so clean, no?! The priests don't even sweat there. So hygienic.

9. You are done with Diwali celebrations before Diwali. Whew. No pressure.

10. You are therefore, done with key cultural immersion for your kid for the year. KA-CHING!!! No first generation immigration guilt that you, yes, you basically broke the link to your million-year old beautiful Indian heritage and cultural kaleidoscope. 

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