Thursday, November 7, 2013

The Day Apple Picking became Pumpkin Patch-ing

We almost missed apple picking season this year. Well, that's not a big disappointment, considering I've never ever been apple picking anyway. *snigger*

Somehow this Fall, I felt I really should experience this seasonal adventure along with the family and see what all the fuss was about.

I always had this skeptic inner voice in me saying this whole thing is a smart marketing scheme that a lazy farmer conjured up. My mind shouted aloud:
 "What? We are supposed to pick our own apples and also pay for them? WTF?!" 

Thanks to my friend RMD's excellent advice, we went to County Line Orchard which is a farm and orchard in Northwest Indiana. It was hardly crowded when we got there around 11AM the first Sunday in November, though it was the last day of apple picking and possibly, of decent weather. It was a little chilly but pleasantly sunny, around 49 Fahrenheit or 11 Celcius. 

Brrr! I don't believe I actually used the word 'pleasant' for that temperature...but hey...what can I say - I am a Chicagoan now, once upon a time a Madrasi.

The tractor wagon that carted us to the apple orchard and back. 
What a perfect sky huh?

Turns out, we didn't do much apple picking. We reached the apple trees...

Pink apples against pink Fall trees
...and my parents went absolutely, unbelievably nuts picking fallen apples from the ground. They were SO excited.

Oh how the apples have fallen
"So many many apples. Let's pick them all!"
"No, ma, you don't need to pick them all, it's not a contest. You just pick the ones that look great off the trees"
"But there are so many just waiting to be picked. In Madras someone would have surely stolen them by now"
"But we need to pay for what we pick anyway, ma. They aren't free"


She wasn't paying attention cos she was picking up apples with this new found inner frenzy. This is what happens to city people who live cooped up in apartments and have never had access to pink Gala apples fresh off the trees. 

Anyway, apple picking abruptly ended when our Precious S ran away from the apples. Err....we sure did some 'Pumpkin Patch-ing' though. She loved carrying pumpkins all over the place.

I pumpkin, therefore I am

Come on, quick! We have pumpkin-work to accomplish today
After her Pumpkin workout, 18 month old S decided she needed some alone quiet time and walked through the pretty woods towards the farm animals. We meekly followed.
Falling into yellow
Falling into red
The farm was the best part. S loved petting the Llamas. If you remember my previous post on her favorite books, you'll know why. She started talking to the Llamas, calling them over, petting them and basically refused to leave them for a whole 45 minutes.

The stars of the show:
Llama, Llama, time to share S

The 'extras': 
My little pony
Picture perfect calves 
The goats couldn't wait to be petted...
...and S couldn't wait to pet them

After all the "one with nature"-ness, I had to spend some hard cash on farm treats. Sure enough, there was a store at the entrance.

Our loot: honey, honey mustard, 4 types of homemade fudge, blackberry syrup, 3 types of salsa and 
a honey lollipop (not for S, for me. I LOVE honey)
Hasta la vista! We will be back next year.

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