Friday, February 8, 2013

Decisions, decisions

Here I am- ta dah!!! Desi, a new mom and an idealist on the MBTI test. That's Myers Briggs type and temperament test, for all those who live in a normal world. The last year's been a whirlwind of activity- I had my Precious baby S, went back to work at 16 weeks, worked my ass off for 3 months, agonized about leaving S at home and then finally quit - to be home with my Precious. Yup- after collecting a fancy double masters from prestigious, geeky universities and bagging the funnest job in advertising in Chicago, I QUIT to do the hardest job of all... Be a full-time mom Be a work-from-home mom. :-)

It's been the best decision of my life. Oh... Apart from marrying A. That was the best decision, actually. Or was it... deciding to have a baby??? Whew! Glad I have options to choose from.


  1. so many decisions. and you never know which are the right ones till you can retrospect (and in many ways that can be too late also)

    yes Im stalking your blog. thats why you have one.

  2. Thanks for stopping by, vanillazuella. Decisions are hard... and though I've heard it's supposed to be easier to decide as one gets older, I think it's only been more challenging for me. Older>more responsibilities>more inertia. Like you said- today's decision might be a bad one tomorrow- in retrospect.
    I love stalkers. And I need adult conversation these days.

  3. I cant be responsible. it takes way too much time and effort. Literally everything I do is cos its fun and easy. and when its not I cry and look really depressed about having to do it.

    i will pretend to be adult for you :)