Monday, February 25, 2013

The Q5 rap

STOP! Go ahead only if you can read aloud like a cool, mean rapper:

Oh my dear big black Audi
I'm certainly no p-diddy
Sitting in you makes me go so giddy
That I want to rap for you and be all rowdy

Am falling deep in love with you
Not driving you makes me feel so blue
It doesn't matter where I'm driving to
(That anyway I usually haven't a clue ;-))

This was not love at first sight
I tried to buy a Mini Cooper, with all my might
I said 'I need a petite car' and got into a fight
but strong-willed A told me to go fly a kite

I once thought you were huge for me
a small lady needs a big car, now I see
A challenged me - 'drive in the snowstorm, Dee'
and now I happily declare that you are perfect for me,
my darling SUV.


  1. hahaha...awesome! sexy car dude..S and I test drove it a while're going to love it more with each day that passes ;) enjoy!

    PS: I think you missed your calling as a rapper....its not too late :p

    1. Arch- I read your comment, ran out the door and bought myself a black hoodie and refuse to get out of it. Haha! I'll take you for a spin the next time you visit Chicago. Awesome that you guys test drove it too...Q5 hi-fi comin up