Monday, February 11, 2013

Keep to the right

There is this unwritten law about how people should walk on the pavements in Chicago. A local instantly knows whether someone is a tourist or not. You will bump into a tourist because...DUH...he has no clue that he needs to keep to the right. 
Anyway, a snobbish local myself, I get irritated when it's snowing hard and I scurry along the sidewalk only to bump into someone who is on google maps on her smartphone, wondering whether her street name is Halsted or Halstead and whether google will spot the difference.
You know that thing about pride coming before a blah blah thingie-something? HAH! I was doing my usual scurry-along in downtown Chicago, my thoughts constantly interrupted by the time and how my Precious would probably be getting hungry/sleepy/poopy when SLAM KERBLAM! I bumped into this tall geeky-looking guy who for some reason missed seeing me in the dark. 
Sheesh! I turned beetroot in the face when I realized that he was not on the wrong side of the sidewalk. :-)
It's called mommy brain, I'm told. Changes things you take for granted about yourself.


  1. dont be mean. you will be a tourist in another country and another mom will bump into you. and think the same things.

    Ive been a tourist too many times to feel mad at tourists. but yes I make fun of them anyway :)

    1. haha! Love your last statement. Yup...I'm pretty immune to them fact I like how they make me look at the same old things from a new perspective. Maybe we'll bump into each other in a new country and then we'll know how to feel, ei?
      Thankoo for the 'commentations'. :-D

    2. dunno about the new country, but since the world is so small, lets say that's just another neighborhood.

      I dont like rethinking perspectives. thats why we have stereotypes, to make life easier