Friday, February 8, 2013

I am a basic need...what?!

So- the funniest thing happened yesterday. A is traveling right now. Which is what inspired me to start this blog - cos I am missing him terribly. Ok so back to the funny part of this story - he called yesterday from Spain and after saying the usual 
'Hi, how are things', he proceeded to inform me that he had had this nagging feeling he had to do something and he assumed that it was probably to call me. He realized mid sentence that he had wanted to go to the loo!!! (Restroom, for the Americans out there.If anyone's reading this blog...come on over...make yourself at home...I love people who talk to me...stalk me...) Anyway, my jaw dropped when he said he calls me instead of going to the loo? my usual chin up-stay-cheery-till-everyone's-sick-of-the-happy-person-spirit, I decided it was an honor to be considered tantamount to a basic need for my husband. 

So- I win! (I guess?)

1 comment:

  1. imagine that the thought of you is as basic a necessity for A as going to the loo.

    im mary farking sunshine.