Thursday, August 8, 2013

Introducing - our 15-month old Barista

"Got coffee?" is what folks are asking Precious these days. Tsk. Tsk.

Yes, we have just upped the "put the minion to work" scale a notch. Looks like Precious loves making coffee for everyone at home. 

It all began when I started sleeping in on Saturday mornings. A takes care of S and makes his coffee in the morning while I'm passed out on my bed, dreaming of being single and dating gorgeous French men. Ooh! 

Back to reality. A usually makes his morning coffee in the iconic moka pot - a non-electric coffee maker - manufactured by Bialetti and narrates what he is doing to ever-curious S. By now, S grandly announces "Ka-shee appa...appa Ka-shee" whenever she sees A drinking something in a mug and when she sees the Bialetti perched atop our gas stove.

The very European, iconic moka pot
We own two Bialetti Moka coffee makers - a big one that A uses and a smaller one that we don't use anymore. Little S found the smaller one in one of the kitchen drawers during her exploratory adventures and thoroughly enjoys playing with it. She takes the three piece coffee maker apart and plays for almost an hour with it, trying to put it back together and then taking it apart once again. 

One morning, I asked her to give me coffee and she proudly pretend-poured coffee into my mouth. Directly from the Bialetti, which means I was pretend-drinking decoction and not really coffee...but still. I see potential in our budding Barista. 

She now asks for the Ka-shee maker every morning. 

I am not fond of making coffee for anyone - am more of a tea lover and truly dislike the smell or taste of coffee. I am happy that S is taking ownership of this chore and setting me free.

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