Friday, August 16, 2013

Meet the Blankie family

If you've read Lanky's Blankie, you already know that Precious has been in love with her blankie for a while now. For around 6 months, to be precise. I whined a little in the past about how hard it is to take blankie everywhere, especially the swimming pool, and how hard I try to break this habit of hers in random places. 

Well, I wish I had shut my mouth! 

S just took the blankie love to a whole new level. If she was 'in love' earlier on, she is now married to the blankie family and has tons of blankie babies. Ok, that sounds weird but let me explain...

Starting this week, S suddenly developed an attachment to one of her doll's blankies. The blankie fits the general love criteria - soft, plush and creamish pink in color. She started taking this new 'baby blankie' to bed with her during naptime and bedtime.

A day later, she took Blankie, Baby Blankie and a 'lovey' - a small lamb face attached to a square piece of cloth the size of men's handkerchiefs. (If you are from the generation in which men used handkerchiefs, you know what I'm talking about). She started calling this lovey 'Buppy'.

Another day later, she took Blankie, Baby Blankie, Buppy and the largest stuffed toy she owns, an adorable big fat dog, which she, of course, refers to as 'Puppy'.

It doesn't stop there. Let me introduce "thaachi Blankie" to you. When A or I make S nap in her stroller, we usually cover the top of the stroller with a soft muslin cloth that she has started calling "thaachi Blankie". Thaachi or ninni = sleep, in Tamil.

You guessed it. We now have Blankie, Baby Blankie, Buppy, Puppy and thaachi Blankie in her crib.

As a result these days S hardly has any space to move around in her crib. When she starts feeling drowsy, she usually informs me, "Amma, ninni", and then proceeds to track and hunt down this Blankie/Puppy family of hers. She tries to carry them ALL to her crib and trips and falls multiple times because it's not possible for her tiny frame to carry 5 misshapen things and walk straight. But she persists. She refuses to go to bed without any of them and seems traumatised by the thought that any of them might miss their nap time.

When you can't beat 'em, join 'em. I now tuck in Puppy and Buppy in bed first along with thaachi Blankie and then put S in her crib along with Blankie and Baby Blankie before I leave the room. S couldn't be happier. She talks a little to everyone in her new joint family and then proceeds to snuggle with Puppy before she drifts into dreamland. 

I must admit, it is ridiculously adorable to see her wake up and say "Hi" very excitedly to this bunch of non-living, stuffed things. 

I love her imagination and persistence. Although, this morning, when she threatened to take my large quilt to her crib, I remained as firm as I have ever been and said "Amma's bedsheet is for amma". Thankfully, I won that one. 

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  1. hahah...adorable! "and a partridge in a pear tree..!"

    T also has her entourage (although we haven't had to take them in the pool with us..phew) - we have "Huggy" (a little baby fox), "Bunny" (a purple bunny), Belinda Bear (a little, you guessed it, bear) and Baby Fox (not to be confused with Huggy, this is a red fox). Thankfully these are all small enough that they are easy to lug around, and she hasn't insisted on leaving the house with them. They are mandatory in the crib (need to be there when she wakes up and goes to sleep) and in the playroom. You are right though - absolutely adorable to watch her having full blown conversations with them!