Thursday, September 19, 2013

A's bike ride - Before the event

A is going on a bike ride this Sunday to help raise money and research a cure for epilepsy. 

Some burning questions I have at this stage are:
- Will A finish the 25 mile bike ride?
- Will he strike a pose good enough for me to create the caption contest that I am DYING to create?
- How tired will he be?
- How sweaty will he be? Gross.
- Will it rain? Or shine? 
- Will he be able to pedal fast, drink water from his bike-bottle and listen to his favorite music all at the same time?
- Who all will contribute to his cause? No pressure.
- How much will he be able to raise by Sunday?
- Can we use that money towards an amazing dinner splurge on Sunday night?
- Will S want to ride her trike alongside her appa?

If you guys are my Facebook friends, that means I have already reached out to you to contribute. 

What are you waiting for, HUH?!
(no pressure)

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