Wednesday, September 25, 2013

How to shoo bad juju

'Rather than being your thoughts and emotions, be the awareness behind them' 

Everyday I strive to be the 'awareness' behind my thoughts and emotions. Some days, I let myself go and simply express my thoughts and emotions. and I accept that that's ok too.

Since I ranted in my previous post, and I do believe that good things don't happen to whiners, I wanted to balance out the potential bad juju in my life with thankfulness. That's how you shoo bad juju. 

Good juju, come on over. 

Thoo thoo. (Spits in air to ward off evil eye)

Juju-gods, are you listening, I ask?

I must say that the rant felt good AND bad. Good to purge, bad to be negative. I think exposing my weaknesses and vulnerabilities is what makes me and the rest of us more human. regrets. 

Moving on, here's what I am thankful for at this 'rush hour' stage of my life. Thanks, C for the 'rush hour' reference in your comment to the previous post.

I am thankful for:

- My family: You make me feel loved, respected and cared for. You make me want to love, respect and care for you

- My job: It is a privilege to have a job and a partner who are perfectly creative, strategic and flexible at this stage of my life

- My friends: You make me laugh, you give me perspective and tell me it's ok to be bitchy, mean and needy at times

- My gym: You give me my me-time and energize me

- The weather right now: Not too hot, not too cold. Just right

- Music: You make me smile and little S dance...err....jump

- Healthy food: You make me feel active and energized

- Movies: You make me lose myself in another world

- Hot chai: YUM. You are my sinful indulgence

- Pilates: You make me fit, cool and....well...bendy

- Children's books: You make me feel like I'm the least talented, least creative person in the world and push me to read more of you to expand my horizons and try harder

- Credit cards and online shopping: You make me feel spendy powerful in control. I don't know the right word for you. It's like having the first crush - so overwhelmingly heady and powerful and yet flooded with a sense of helplessness

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