Thursday, September 12, 2013

Banananananannana and Papayayayayayayaya

These are Precious' favorite fruits these days. Thing is - she doesn't know when to stop. That applies to eating the fruit as well as saying the names out excitedly with SUCH a silly grin plastered all over her face that I want to eat her up ASAP. 

We wake up together in the morning (it's always 'we' because she used to wake up and call out "amma" and these days my body clock just wakes up a half hour before hers anyway and I lay in bed waiting for her to wake up). After the routine diaper change, sippy cup of milk and running around just for the heck of it, I start talking to her, in the spirit of treating her as a creature who can communicate clearly. I also buy time by talking to her and keeping her engaged while I cook breakfast. 

We have a very adult conversation in Tamil that translates to:

"What mum-mum do you want to have, kanna?"
"Pappu mum-mum" (Dal rice/ Rice and lentils)

"Oh of course, I'll give you pappu mum-mum later. That's for lunch. Do you want a fruit?"

"Yay. ok here goes!" 
I seat her in her high chair and peel a banana and hand it to her. We ALWAYS have bananas at home. She eats one mouthful and on the sucky days, throws the rest on the kitchen floor

"Kanna, please don't throw food on the ground. What do you want?"

"Oh there's no papaya at home. Here, eat the banana, I'm making eggs for you"

I ignore her protests and give her breakfast of some sort. Every minute or so, she remembers what she was asking for earlier and breaks into her papaya-song. I repeat what I said earlier.

I'm wondering when long term memory happens to these kids. This situation reminds me of those movies in which the hero miraculously survives an underground or submarine bomb blast but unfortunately loses his long term memory and can only remember things told to him five minutes earlier. The story-writer must have been a toddler's mom. 

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