Thursday, September 19, 2013

The bird in the car

I don't know of a single infant who was instantly happy to be belted into her car seat. 

If you do, please let me know. 

My story begins with S hating her car seat from the time she was tiny. She was fine sitting in it if grandma and grandpa were sitting beside her, singing or playing. 

She grew bigger, both sets of grandparents went back to their homes in India and I started driving S to daycare. My oh my! Day-1 was awful and she screamed bloody murder while I tried to concentrate real hard on driving safely.

My wise cousin Am, mom of two kids, told me, 

"I know it's heart-wrenching to listen to your baby cry. Trust me, ignore her and focus on the road! She'll get over it soon enough"

So, though I felt like the most cruel, hard-hearted mom in the whole wide world, I persisted. Day-2 was bad but Day-3 better, S only cried when I was backing up. My car  Our car makes this ki-ki-ki-ki sound when it reverses and S freaked out when the ki-ki-ki-ki  started. Desperate and trying not to bump into the huge and expensive-looking SUV behind me, I told her we had a bird in our car that was saying hi.

Kanna, the car-bird is saying ki-ki-ki-ki, give it a kissy
S stared me me, eyes wide open but was young enough to accept my explanation at face value. She started loving the beeping noise and I felt like the most creative, resourceful mom in the world. 

S now loves her car seat and we play this game in which A and I go Carrrrrrr and she goes seat!!! We go on and on and she never tires of it.

The car-bird trick worked well till recently.

Now that she is older and wiser, she asks me where the bird is and I need a solution, quick.

I manage the situation by telling her Car bird, kaanum! missing! and divert her attention to the bus, plane, anything exciting outside the window. But she persists. 

One fine day, since S is American and will know her rights and all that jazz, she will probably be a passionate adolescent who sues me for keeping a live bird in cruel conditions in my car our car. For 13 long years.

P.S. I have started referring to A's car/ our car as 'my' car and am trying not to get all possessive. 

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